Man Who Calls 911 4,000 Times in 1 Week Is Rewarded With Gift From Police (VIDEO)

Police in West Valley City, Utah, were beside themselves with frustration after someone called 911 at least 4,000 times in one week. Each call ended with a hang-up, but the call still needed to be investigated, tying up police work for no reason. So the last thing they expected was that when they traced the person responsible for the calls, they would all end up presenting the 911-obsessed person with a Christmas gift -- but that's exactly what happened.


At first, emergency dispatcher Kari Bueno was infuriated with the amount of hang-up calls 911 was getting -- sometimes three or four phone calls in one minute. She told KSL-TV:

At first, I admit it, we were pretty mad. 'We've got to find who this person is.' This is ridiculous. What are we going to do? We are so mad.

Finally, police were able to trace the calls to a disconnected cellphone. But because all cellphones, whether or not they have service, can make 911 calls, the calls were going through to dispatch.

When police tracked the person down and confronted him, they were surprised by what they found out. The caller was a 30-year-old man with a mental disability who was using the old cellphone as his iPod. Every time he would access music, he was mistakenly dialing 911.

Mortified, his father took his cellphone away from him. And the man, David VanBibber, who has the mental ability of an 8-year-old, was crying and apologetic.

So ... problem solved. But not really. The police felt bad that VanBibber had his music device taken away from him. So they decided to do something about it.

Bueno raised money among the dispatch employees to buy VanBibber a new iPod and a $100 iTunes gift certificate.

VanBibber and his family were presented with the gifts at the emergency center -- and they were totally blown away. Said VanBibber's dad:

You know, in an environment where the police are so unfairly treated, to see this kind of an outreach that touches my son and touches my family, it's just incredible.

VanBibber was ecstatic with his gift and told the dispatchers they were "awesome."

Aww, another sweet Christmas story. How nice of the dispatchers, who probably are short of cash themselves this year, to pitch in to buy the gift of music for a man who listens to so much of it that he was calling 911 4,000 times a week!

Do you plan to do any good deeds this season?


Image via KSL

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