Student Thanks Homeless Man Who Offered Her His Last Dollar in BIG Way

When a British college student found herself wandering around the streets penniless and alone due to losing her bank card, she found help from a most unlikely source -- and now she's making a huge difference in that person's life. After a night out, 22-year-old Dominique Harrison-Bentzen found herself in deep trouble -- she had no cash on her and had lost her ATM card. Then a stranger offered her some cash to get her home. But this stranger wasn't just anyone. It was a homeless man, who offered her the little cash he had on him.


While Harrison-Bentzen was touched by the offer, she said she couldn't accept it. She somehow made it home that night. But the generosity of a homeless man offering her his last $5 wouldn't leave her mind. So she decided to do something for him.

The kind-hearted student decided to start a fundraising campaign to raise money for the homeless man, named Robbie, and drew attention to the campaign by sleeping on the streets for 24 hours.

So far, her campaign has raised almost $48,000. She asked everyone to contribute $5 (or 3 British pounds), which is what he offered her to get home. Almost 5,000 people have responded so far. Her goal is to raise enough for Robbie, who she says is on the streets through no fault of his own but because he can't get a job since he has no fixed address, to put a down payment on his own apartment.

In fact, the response to her campaign has been so overwhelming that she now plans to use the additional funds to help others just like Robbie. And Robbie is so good-hearted that Harrison-Bentzen explains on her Facebook page that it was Robbie's choice that the funds be spread around to help others. The student says that after asking around about Robbie, she discovered this isn't his first honorable moment -- he also offered his scarf to keep people warm and even returned wallets to people who lost them.

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Sounds like two wonderful people met that fateful evening, and perhaps it was kismet that Harrison-Bentzen lost her bank card. Otherwise Robbie would still be struggling on the streets. Now he has a real chance for a better future -- all thanks to his kind act.

Have you helped out a stranger this holiday?


Image via Help Robbie/Facebook

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