​Dad Busted for Shoplifting Baby Formula Brought to Tears by Cops' Response

grocery storeGiving us proof that not all cops are bad and there are good people in this world is this gem of a shoplifting story that turned into a community helping a family in need. A 23-year-old dad was caught shoplifting baby formula at a Roswell, New Mexico, Albertsons store. The father had recently lost his job and he needed food for his 11-month-old child, so he tried to steal it and hide it in a baby carrier. The police were alerted and what happened next will warm your heart.


Officer Joe Mason said:

We didn’t think he had any criminal intent so the manager decided not to press charges. We took him outside and talked with him about how he could get some help.

The four police officers on the scene, along with the store, chipped in and sent the dad home with $80 worth of formula for his child instead of arresting him. It brought the man to tears. He was so thankful. Word of what had happened spread inside and outside of the store, and a man in the parking lot kindly gave the baby-formula-stealing dad $15 in hopes it would help him out. Now THAT'S the holiday spirit. It's a sentiment that should be here all year long. Officer Mason added:

People sometimes look at cops as cold and heartless, but this kind of thing happens so much more than people realize. We’ve had guys in the department buy homeless people food or clothes. We just happened to do this at the holiday season, so it’s getting more attention.

People from the community have sent in everything from cash to diapers and clothing. I’m going to pick up a basket for him at a local business today.

In addition, the police are trying to help the dad find a new job. He has a barber's license and they are working with the community to see if there are any openings for him. Thank you, humanity!

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We are human. We sometimes make bad choices. This community and these police officers were kind enough to see beyond this dad's bad choice and understand why he made it -- they showed true compassion when this man needed it most. To have lost your job when you have a child to feed and not enough money to buy that child food is a terrifying situation to be in, but this should show us all that we can often lean on our community in times of need.

Have you ever given to someone in need?

Image via Kate Ter Haar/Flickr

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