Homeless Man Who Walked 5 Miles Every Day to See His Dog Gets Christmas Wish

A homeless man who walks five miles every day to see his dog has captured the hearts of people everywhere -- so much so that it appears his life may be taking a sudden turn for the wonderful. Pete Buchmann had been making a good living installing fiber optics and doing construction, but when the economy took a turn for the worse, he soon found the work drying up. Before he knew it, he'd lost his car and home, and had pitched a tent in the backyard of an empty house in Delaware. However, his faithful elderly pooch, Buster, wasn't handling the winter so well. So Buchmann made the heartbreaking decision to give him to a shelter.


Luckily, Buchmann, 54, was able to find a shelter, Faithful Friends Animal Society in Wilmington, that would take a 9-year-old dog who was possessive of his owner and essentially unadoptable.

The shelter set up a home for Buster in one of their meet-and-greet rooms, and it's there that Buchmann walked every single day to visit his best friend, even though it meant a five mile walk, since Buchmann had sold his car to make ends meet.

Buchmann told Delaware Online:

I’m not your stereotypical homeless person. I don’t drink, and I don’t do drugs. There are a lot of very smart people living at the mission who are just down on their luck.

In fact, after Buchmann would visit with his dog so he would know he wasn't abandoned, he would spend the next couple of hours walking the other homeless pooches.

Once his story hit the press, people were so touched that a fundraiser started to buy Buchmann a new car -- but what he really needed was a home and a job.

Well, it looks like he may have that too. Job offers began pouring in. And not only that, the site was recently updated saying that Buchmann has found a new home -- and that he and Buster will soon be reunited!

This is really the spirit of the holidays -- the human spirit. People saw that Buchmann was a good, hard-working, big-hearted man down on his luck and they came through for him in a big way. Bachmann told Delaware Online:

I am overwhelmed with the responses to help me and Buster. Thank everyone for me. I don't feel like I deserve it when so many others deserve help, too. I know that Jesus is taking care of me through all of these compassionate people.

Hopefully, this is the end of Buchmann's homelessness -- and the beginning of his golden years with faithful Buster.


Image via GoFundMe

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