Man Drops Engagement Ring in Salvation Army Bucket With a Heartbreaking Note

The holidays are a time of festive cheer, but for lots of people, they're also a time for pain and heartbreak, especially if you've just been dumped by someone you love. The idea of spending the holidays without that special someone can be a real stomach churner. But one man is trying to make the best of it. After his fiancee gave him back his diamond engagement ring, he didn't pawn it and buy a new TV, as many of us would. Nope, he put the ring inside a Salvation Army donation kettle -- along with a note.


The South Dakota man left the gold and diamond ring, worth about $1,200, with the note:

This ring made me the happiest man in the world when she said yes, and the saddest when she returned it so I hope you can use it to make some kids happy.

He attached a $10 bill to the note as well.

The Salvation Army workers were stunned to find the ring and have already received offers of $750 for it. They say that donations are down this year.

Aw, what a nice guy. Hard to believe anyone would break up with someone who would do such a sweet, generous thing. Hopefully this man realizes she didn't deserve him and is able to find love again.

But until that day, he knows he's helped those in need. So much more wonderful than taking the ring and throwing it in the gutter, though he might have felt that way. How much better is this man's way than the one who sold his ring with a bitter rant on Craigslist?

What better way to heal a broken heart than to heal the hearts of others?

Have you ever had a breakup at the holidays? How did you handle it?


Image via KELO-TV

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