Cops Pull Over Drivers & Shock Them With Gifts Instead of Tickets (VIDEO)

Getting pulled over by the cops for a traffic violation is never fun, especially around the holidays when an expensive ticket could mean your little one doesn't get the gift he or she wants. But getting pulled over in Lowell, Michigan, turned out to be an awesome thing for these particular people -- for instead of tickets, they got the very gifts their kids were asking for!


The police department worked with UPtv to make a heartwarming video showing police pulling people over for the usual infractions and then pumping them for information about their gift lists.

Of course wanting to cooperate with the cops, people immediately opened up about the gifts they or their children wanted -- sometimes adding in a little sob story too about being unable to afford something. All the better to get out of a ticket!

But instead of writing up a summons, cops would relay the wish list back to co-conspirators in a nearby store, who would run up and down the aisles looking for the right gifts. Then they'd ... well, watch for yourselves!


Aww, really nice. These people seem genuinely surprised and grateful to be given gifts instead of tickets ... but you do have to wonder how this one store managed to have everything people were asking for. But even if the video was a tad staged, who cares ... the looks of wonder on the faces of the lucky ones seem real enough.

This is one day when driving erratically or having illegally tinted windows really paid off!


Image via City of Lowell/YouTube

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