Mom Delivers 2 Babies on Same Freeway Exit -- More Than a Year Apart!

The days of giving birth in the field are long gone, and while more and more woman opt for home births these days, not many voluntarily choose the roadside birthing option. That's sort of left for those "we thought was had more time" scenarios. One mom just gave birth on a freeway exit before making it to the birth clinic ... but the craziest part is that it's the same exact stretch of road she gave birth to that baby's big brother on more than a year ago!


Sarah Kam, of Omaha, Nebraska, was in labor with her third child last Thursday night, when she knew it was time for her engineer hubby Hugh, 49, to take her to the birthing clinic where she planned to meet her daughter. The 33-year-old had failed to make it to Midwife's Place clinic in February 2013, and ended up having little Ezra on a freeway exit ramp.

After having one roadside baby, you'd think she'd give herself a little more room with number three, but this story just goes to show that babies come when they want to come.

During the 25-minute drive to the birthing center, Sarah knew she wasn't going to make it. She had her husband pull over their Lexus SUV to the 42nd St. exit, where she gave birth to their daughter.

That's when they realized they were at the exact same location where their second child had been born. What are the chances?

Mom and dad bundled little Evelyn up and drove to the clinic, where she was found to be in "fine shape" and weighing in at seven pounds. They stayed overnight, and were able to go home the next day.

Sarah Kam never thought she'd be giving birth on the side of the road even once, let alone twice. Her first child was born in the hospital, and she joked that if they decide to have a fourth, they might "go park there (at the clinic) a month early or something."

She seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing, which I guess the best way to take such adventures. No, life doesn't go as planned, but sometimes you get some fantastic stories along the way.

She's also looking forward to future photo ops for Ezra and Evelyn. "When they're bigger, we'll have to go there (to the highway exit ramp) and take a picture of them," she said.

Have you known anyone who hasn't made it to the hospital to give birth?


Image via Stephen Topp/Flickr

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