Newborn Baby Miraculously Survives After Being Buried for 2 Hours

baby feetThis incredible story just goes to show how even the tiniest of newborns can be the strongest of fighters. A baby, whose parents thought she had died at birth, somehow survived after being buried alive in the ground for two whole hours. Wow. Talk about a miracle!


The mother, Lu Xiaoyun, lives with her husband, He Yong, as well as their 7-year-old daughter and Lu's mother, in Dongdong, which is northeast China's Liaoning Province.

Apparently while out working on the farm, pregnant Lu felt pains in her stomach, so of course she immediately called her husband. They believed at the time that she was around four months pregnant. He came home and saw that his wife was in a pool of blood after delivering their baby.

At the hospital, Lu, believing there was no way her baby survived, never thought about asking the doctors to check on their newborn daughter and had left her at home. So Lu's mother buried the tiny baby under a tree located in their yard. When the doctors told the couple that they should check on the baby anyway, He rushed home from the hospital to frantically dig up his daughter ... only to discover she was breathing!

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The doctors came to find out, after an examination, that Lu was actually six months along. Thank goodness one of them insisted on checking on that poor baby!

Crazy enough, right? But then this story gets even better.

Because the couple couldn't afford the treatment, their tiny girl was only in the hospital for three days. "My mother-in-law has chronic diseases, and I also have a 7-year-old daughter. My wife doesn't have a job. I am the only one who works," said He.

But after strangers started getting wind of their unlikely story, people began to give them money, and the family was able to bring their daughter back to the hospital thanks to these generous folks. The baby is receiving treatment and all seems to be okay.

Wow, seriously, what a miracle! Their daughter is yet to be named, but surely these parents are over the moon about what a little survivor she is. Imagine a baby born at six months being able to survive after being buried alive for two hours ... it just boggles the mind. This is certainly one family who will count their blessings every single day!

Have you heard a story of a newborn surviving against all odds?


Image via Adrian Dreßler/Flickr

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