3-Year-Old Dials 911 & Police Save Her Family's Christmas (VIDEO)

While most of us will be enjoying our holidays with gifts, decorated trees, and plenty of food, it's always good to remember that many people can't afford such luxuries. Two police officers were brought face to face with that sad fact when they investigated a 911 hangup call made accidentally by a 3-year-old. That mistake ended up being the best thing that little girl could have done for her family's Christmas.


While talking to the family and verifying that nothing was wrong, Boynton Beach, Florida, police officers Barry Ward and Terrence Paramore were touched to the 7-year-old girl in the home was terribly upset because her family couldn't afford a Christmas tree this season.

Unable to get the little girl out of their thoughts, the cops promptly went to a tree station and ordered up a tall tree, all on their own dime. They then delivered it to the home.

Get the tissues out before you see this little girl's reaction because you're going to need them:

Aww, did you see the way her face absolutely lit up at seeing that tree come through the door? That is one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen. She's so happy she HUGS the tree! So sweet.

In days when cops are making headlines for all the wrong reasons, it's good to remember that most officers are out there every day trying to do the right thing -- and sometimes going above and beyond. Ward and Paramore are two of those officers.

Good job, guys!

Any random acts of kindness you're planning this season?

Image via BBPDMediaRelations/YouTube

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