School Assembly 'Pig' Turns Out to Be Military Dad With a Big Surprise (VIDEO)

Our heroic men and women who protect our freedoms abroad by serving overseas leave some pretty special heroes of their own back home -- their families. Spouses all of a sudden become single parents, and kids go through major milestones without having one of their parents there. Which is why videos like this one, of a military dad surprising his daughter at school, are so moving.


Last week, Staff Sgt. Joel Specter returned home to Midlands, South Carolina, after a nine-month tour in Afghanistan, and he wanted to make the experience as special as possible for his 9-year-old daughter.

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Specter donned a Piggly Wiggly Pig costume and attended an assembly at Saint Joseph's Catholic School in Columbia. His daughter Inara was completely clueless as to what was about to go down -- she thought it was an assembly to celebrate math excellence.

When her dad took off the costume, it took her a second to register that it was him, and her reaction is so incredibly endearing, it's bound to bring tears to your eyes! - Columbia, South Carolina |

Were you moved by Inara's reaction to seeing her dad for the first time in almost a year?


Image via WIS TV

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