Sailor's Reaction to Random Act of Kindness Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

A Navy sailor who has been having a rough couple of years was shocked and humbled when a complete stranger spotted him in uniform in a restaurant, where he was out celebrating his young daughter's birthday, and anonymously paid the dinner bill.


Lt. Commander Bashon Mann works at the Pentagon, and before he and his wife brought his little girl to dinner for her sixth birthday, she asked him to put on his Navy uniform because she thinks it's "fancy."

Someone in the restaurant also liked seeing the outfit -- and told the server to pay for the sailor's meal and not tell who was footing the bill.

Mann was so touched by the gift that he decided to write an open thank-you letter on his Facebook page.

He said that things had been very rough the past couple of years -- he did not state specifically why -- and that his mother had offered to send him a check for the girl's celebration. Mann continued:

Things have been difficult the past couple of years and it’s a longer story than you probably have time for ... You don’t know my inner struggles, and I don’t know yours. Perhaps that is how it is meant to be; perhaps that is the blessing inside the blessing -- one I shall just have to accept and learn from. That despite heaviness, strife and anguish it is the openness of ones heart that allows for the good to spread, for healing to be felt. It has been hours now and I have not stopped thinking about the profoundness of your actions Wednesday evening at Mi Rancho. And, I suspect it is going to take me some time to figure out how I shall properly respond. How do I take your action and create an equally compelling and forceful reaction. How do I pay it forward? ... You presented me with hope and faith; you were a blessing tonight at Mi Rancho and I will not soon forget your overture. I need you to know that I won’t block the flow of generosity; I won’t halt your abundance of goodness.

Aww, Mann was truly touched and humbled by this act of goodness. How sweet. And how nice that he wants to pay it forward, though perhaps if things have been financially difficult for him lately, he will want to do that in another way than by paying for someone's meal.

Mann has also recorded 40 letters in 40 days, in which he gives "moral lessons" to his young daughters. Hopefully word will get back to the Good Samaritan about how grateful this sailor is so that the kind-hearted stranger will get his or her well-deserved thank-you.

Have you ever done anything for a stranger or had one do something for you?

Image via Bashon Mann/Twitter

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