Man Rescues Infant From Car Submerged in Icy Water & Saves Her Life

An accident in Maine on Monday, November 17, could've had a much different ending, if two very special passers-by hadn't happened to see a flipped SUV in culvert in Kossuth Township, just under 200 miles northeast of Portland. A logger used his knife to cut a baby girl out of her car seat, and another witness performed CPR on the 3-month-old to revive her.


Leo Moody, 44, said he was driving home when he saw the vehicle, which was overturned and submerged in about two and a half feet of water. He stopped to call 911, and then helped one woman, a passenger, out of the water, and she was hysterical about her baby strapped into her car seat still.

The logger crawled into the car, and using the knife he always keeps handy for peeling an apple or whittling a piece of alder, cut the baby girl loose. She was submerged in the icy water, and Moody said by the time he got her loose, his hands were completely numb, and he said he had to concentrate on not dropping the knife. He cut the seat belt to free the infant seat and drug the whole thing out.

Once on the banks, another bystander, forester Wade Shorey, 32, performed CPR on the unconscious infant, and successfully resuscitated her. He said he had just taken a refresher CPR course this past spring.

Police confirmed that Moody had saved the baby from the vehicle, and that Shorey had revived her when they discovered she wasn't breathing. She had been submerged for at least a few minutes, after driver Stephen McGouldrick lost control on an icy patch of road. He suffered only minor injuries, along with two other adult passengers.

This little girl was crying and alert by the time paramedics arrived, and she was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for observation.

What a miracle that these two men just happened to be in the right place at the right time! Not everyone carries around a knife, and that's exactly what was needed to free the baby from the car. Moody said, "They come in handy, I guess. Monday night really proved it."

And to have someone on the scene that knew how to perform infant CPR was equally important. Infant CPR is done differently than adult CPR, be only someone trained in it would know that.

Moody's wife, Betsy, wasn't surprised to hear about her husband's act of heroism. She said he arrived home "soaking wet, cold and shaken up after the rescue."

She said, "Just another reason why I love him ... thinking of someone other than himself."

Good job, gentlemen. You've done your duty in reminding us that decent people still exist out there.

Would you have jumped in the icy water to try and save a baby?


Image via Maine State Police

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