Teacher's Unusual Science Lesson Saves 10-Year-Old Student's Life (VIDEO)

Generally when teachers make the news, it's because he or she sexually assaulted a student, or punched a student, or something horrible like that. But that's just because we are sick people who like to read sick stuff! So it's nice when we hear what really goes on between most teachers and students every day -- help, respect, and learning. And luckily for one little boy, his day of learning also saved his life.


It all started when a Pinellas County, Florida, fifth grade science teacher was demonstrating her lesson for the day -- how to count your pulse. The teacher walked over to 10-year-old Tashawn Roberts and showed him how to feel for his pulse by putting her fingers on his neck.

She was shocked when she felt a golf ball-sized lump in his neck. Tashawn's mother rushed him to the doctor, and it turned out that the little boy had an aneurysm in his neck that, if left untreated, could have easily killed him.

Tashawn's mother, Teyosha Pippen, told the teacher:

Thank you for interacting and being so amazing. Had it not been for her teaching them -- God knows what would have happened.

Doctors were able to remove the aneurysm and now Tashawn is back in school and doing well.

Pretty amazing! If you believe in God, the universe, angels, fate, divine intervention, etc., you'll have to believe that perhaps all of the above had something to do with the boy's teacher just happening to put her fingers right where his aneurysm was! What are the odds?

Have you ever had a teacher do something incredible for your child?


Image via WTSP

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