Mom & Daughter Give Birth in Same Hospital on Same Day

two newbornsWe go through a lot of life experiences with mom -- she gave us life, was there for our first steps, first word, first day of school. She tucked us in at night and kissed our boo-boos. And she wondered where the time went when we were grown up enough to move out of the house. And if we make her a grandmother someday, our mom is there beaming with pride and overjoyed with happiness. One mother and daughter duo took their life experiences to a whole other level of incredible. They gave birth on the same day at the same hospital in Fort Myers, Florida.

Around nine months ago, Destinee Martin found out she was pregnant, and when she went to share the news with her mom, Heather Penticoff, she learned that mom was pregnant, too!


How sweet! Mom and now Grandma Heather said:

This is something that you can't plan. This is something God sets in motion, and you just roll with the punches.

It's over emotional, it's awesome. It's a blessing. I don't think I could've been any luckier.

Both mom and daughter had the same due date, and they found themselves at Lee Memorial Hospital on the same day, ready to give birth. Imagine experiencing pregnancy at the same time as your mom?! I was pregnant at the same time as my sister -- roughly four months apart -- and that was really incredible to experience and share our feelings and see our growing bellies. But with mom? Mind blown. Heather said it's like having twins without having twins. Destinee said it's "the most special, amazing thing ever."

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Heather gave birth first to Madeline -- daughter, sister, and one of the world's youngest Aunties. She was born weighing 8 lbs., 15 oz. Congrats, Mom! Two hours and 46 minutes later, Destinee had Damien who entered this world weighing 7 lbs., 2 oz. Congrats, Mom! Congrats, Grandma!

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The only problem I see with this situation is with babysitting. Grandma is usually the best babysitter ever, but Grandma Heather has her own newborn to take care of so she may not be so quick to say yes when Destinee wants a little baby-free time. Or maybe this is what Heather was talking about -- having twins without having twins. No matter what, this is certainly a very special occurrence, and Madeline and Damien will most likely grow up almost like brother and sister even though they are aunt and nephew. How cute would it be in kindergarten when Damien addresses Madeline as Aunt Maddy? All the best to this big happy family!

Could you imagine being pregnant and then having a baby on the same day as your mom?

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