Police Officers Amaze Grandmother After Thief Steals Her Purse (VIDEO)

We hear so much about when cops do terrible things, it's always nice to share when they do amazing things, which they do! Sometimes. And this is one of those times. Eighty-six-year-old grandmother Julia Brecht was shopping at the Aurora Super Target in Aurora, Colorado, when a brazen thief stole her purse right out of her grocery cart and ran off (though he was caught on video). When cops showed up, Brecht told them she needed to get home quickly because she takes care of her blind, wheelchair-bound husband. Little did she know that she'd just run into two of the nicest cops in the world.


Police officers Craig Hess and Robert Little could have taken Brecht's report and then returned to the station and gotten on with their lives -- but they decided to do a bit more than that.

First, they finished Brecht's shopping for her, and since her purse was gone and she couldn't pay for anything -- they paid!

Now that right there is worth a story. But that was just the beginning.

Then one of the officers drove Brecht home while the other one retrieved her car from the parking lot and drove that home for her. They also cancelled her credit cards since the thief had them. And the topper? Since the thief had stolen her house keys, the cops changed her locks for her so she wouldn't have to worry.

Brecht told KMGH:

They went far beyond what any person like me would expect ... They were just absolutely incredible.

Wow. We don't hear enough about guys like this. Let's hope the pair are promoted pronto! We need more men and women like them on the force.

Unfortunately, the purse snatcher is still at large. But I bet not for long.

Have you ever had a cop go out of his or her way for you?

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Image via Aurora Police

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