Man Who Looks Like Alleged Cop Killer Gets Surprising Response From Community (VIDEO)​

james tullyThis poor guy, James Tully, just happens to look like suspected cop killer Eric Frein. Of course the police are on an intense hunt for Frein, being suspected of killing one of their own, but as Tully walks through the woods to get to work, he says he is continually stopped and accosted by cops because he looks so much like Frein.

So in a nice reminder that good people are actually still out there, donations are up to nearly $14,000 to buy Tully a car. Tully says that he walks five miles from his home, which is located in Canadensis, Pennsylvania, to work at a metal manufacturing company. In a bizarre twist of fate, his path goes straight through the area where police think Frein may be hiding in the Pocono Mountains.


Tully said that he's been stopped at least 20 times (then he stopped keeping count) and was ambushed at gunpoint one time by police who thought he looked like this guy:

eric frein

A bit of a resemblance, right? In response to all of this, his neighbor, Dawn DeBiase, set up a GoFundMe this week. To everyone's surprise, hundreds have donated and still continue to do so.

"If everyone was willing to walk 10 miles to make a dollar, the world would be a different place," one supporter wrote. How true!

Then DeBiase posted a message, which was from Tully's mother, on the page, which will warm the cockles and maybe encourage you to donate and help this man out:

I don't know if James is aware of the present total as he is at work right now. But I am blown away. I don't have the words to thank each of you for your kindness to my son. To say thank you seems so inadequate, but I don't know what else I could say. Many thanks to everyone who donated and posted encouraging messages. Thank you especially, Dawn for organizing this.

For a little background, Frein has been on the run for the last six weeks. He apparently shot at the Blooming Grove police barracks back on September 12. He killed one state trooper and also injured another. Reportedly, he's been seen many times but has always managed to escape (he is "a  self-trained survivalist").

For now, Tully has been wearing an ID and reflective vest so police know not to ambush the guy. Walking five miles to and from work every day (can you imagine?) may be coming to an end though, as the money raised is definitely enough to get this guy a car.

Here's more on the story:

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Well let's hope Frein is found quickly and brought to justice so Tully can continue his walks in peace if he chooses to do so. Better yet, maybe soon he will be able to drive back and forth and not have to worry about walking five miles in what's supposed to be a pretty brutal winter!

Do you think Tully should buy a car with this money or continue his daily walks?


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