Hero Comes Out of Nowhere to Rescue Dad From Burning House (VIDEO)

With so much horror in the world, it's always great to see good-hearted souls in action. They exist; in fact, they far outnumber the bad folks, but they just don't get as much attention. So it's wonderful that someone was able to capture a man's heroism on video camera. It starts with a house burning to the ground. The flames are hot and bright; the smoke black and thick. Then, all of a sudden, a woman is screaming that her father is still inside the burning home. That's when a hero appears out of the blue.


The video captures flames devouring a white stucco house in Fresno, California. Then we hear a woman say, "Your dad is still in there?" Another person asks, "Everybody out of there?"

Then we hear a woman say, "My Dad is still in there. Get him out, please! Get my Dad!!"

Though the onlookers make it clear they've called 911, fire trucks are nowhere to be seen yet. They begin to panic as they realize that a man is still inside and hasn't yet come out and the inferno rages even higher. Then we hear what sounds like a small explosion and some people begin to run away.

The onlookers become even more frantic, screaming about the woman's father. But the house is consumed with flame. How could anyone possibly go in there now?

And then, suddenly, from out of the smoke and flames comes ... a hero! Check it out:

Wow, the guy went right into the burning home, grabbed the man, slung him over his shoulder, and ran out with him.

The craziest part? Reportedly, he was a complete stranger!

According to reports, as soon as he put the lucky man down, he disappeared. (Strangely, a different man toward the end of the video takes credit for saving the dad -- so maybe two people went in? Either that or the second guy likes to tell fibs!)

The father who was in the house appears disoriented at the end of the video, but he's able to walk.

Guardian angels certainly come in all forms! This was one brave guy, one amazing person. Hopefully the family can find him so they can give him a big hug.

Would you have gone in for a stranger?


Image via thefresnobee/YouTube

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