U.S. Army Vet Amputee Is Hotter Than Ever on Men's Magazine

Just because you're a double amputee doesn't mean you're not hot, hot, hot! If you need more proof, just check out the cover of Men's Health magazine, which features U.S. Army veteran Retired Sgt. Noah Galloway, 33, who lost a leg and an arm while serving in Iraq. Galloway says his injuries understandly spiraled him into depression and unhealthy lifestyle habits ... but eventually he decided to pull himself out of it and get in shape. Major shape. Such awesome shape he won the magazine's first ever cover by a reader.


Galloway, who is from Alabama, was doing his second tour of Iraq when his Humvee hit an IED. The explosion injured him gravely, and he lost his left forearm and his left leg.

After that, he told Men's Health:

I'd sit at home and drink and smoke and sleep. That's all I did.

But five years later, he decided to start getting in shape little by little. He joined a gym but only went to it in the wee hours of the morning, when no one would see him. Aw, that's so sad.

But eventually he was in shape enough to run marathons. He's also completed seven Tough Mudders and six Spartan events. Hey, if Galloway, without an arm and leg, can get into fighting shape, then no excuses for you!

Today, he says he doesn't "dwell" in his injuries and prefers to embrace the philosophy that "this too shall pass." He's also a father of three.

And let's not forget smoking hot!

Image via Men's Health

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