Cop Buys Struggling Mom Car Seat Instead of Giving Her a Ticket (VIDEO)

We hear a lot about police officers doing questionable, sometimes downright horrific, things, but there are also those who do amazing things too. This is one of those stories. When mom Alexis DeLorenzo was driving along in Michigan with a friend and her 5-year-old unsecured daughter standing on the back seat, she was pulled over by Emmett Township Public Safety Officer Ben Hall. Oh, crap, we're gonna get a ticket, DeLorenzo thought to herself. But while Hall could have given her a ticket, he decided to do something else -- something extraordinary. He bought the mom and her daughter a booster seat.


Once Hall pulled over the car, he said that the young mom was very honest and forthcoming that what she had done was wrong -- but she explained that her car had been repossessed with her daughter's car seat still in the back. She had little money, was "living paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth," and hadn't been able to get it back.

Hall thought for a moment and then said, "Meet me at Walmart in 15 minutes."

There, DeLorenzo was astonished when Hall did something totally unexpected -- he spent $50 of his own money to buy her a car seat.

Hall explained to QFox 13:

A ticket doesn't solve the situation. What solves it is a child being a booster seat like she should be.

Wow, sooooo nice. Don't you wish you could clone Officer Hall?

Yes, she should have had her kid strapped in. Yes, other people fall on hard times and don't get help and get tickets. But if you're in a position to help, as Officer Hall says he was, then why not do it? It's compassion that makes the world go round as much as following rules. Plus, at least DeLorenzo didn't put her kid in the trunk, right?

DeLorenzo is still astonished as the cop's kindness, saying:

I'm really almost at a loss for words because he really didn't have to do that.

Warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it? The officer did much more than give this mom a car seat -- he gave her hope.

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Do you think she should have been ticketed anyway?


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