Sick Girl & Her Lost Beloved Blankie Reunited Thanks to Facebook (VIDEO)

Social media sometimes gets a bad rap, what with all the anonymous trolls and online bullying, so it's always nice to be reminded that there's a very positive side to it too. Like when a local news team shared a picture of a sick little girl and her lost blanket on their Facebook page, hoping that someone might find it for her.

Hayley suffers from Stewart-Treves Syndrome, which results in severe seizures and "significant delay." She had her first seizure at 3 months old and was given a special pink blankie by one of the nurses in the PICU. Now 8 years old, she hasn't let go of it since, and it's a cherished lovie.


"Every catastrophic event where we've almost lost her or she's seizing, that thing is always there so when she comes out of a seizure, that's the first thing she asks for," shared Hayley's mom Tami King.

The blanket even has a name -- Kiki.

When Kiki went missing, they were obviously beside themselves. Every parent knows that moment of dreadful panic when they realize a lovie is missing, and I can only imagine that it was even worse for this mom given Hayley's special needs.

Hayley's aunt posted a photo of her and Kiki on Facebook, and someone from KKTV re-posted it on the station's page. Within hours, it had been shared almost 800 times.

"I posted one to KKTV and someone re-posted it from there and then I started getting all types of messages," said Nichole Montanez, Hayley's aunt.

One person recognized that blankie. An employee at Woodmen Valley Chapel had found the blankie near some boxes in the parking lot and, assuming it to be trash, threw it away. Pastor Kirby Neely was quick to search the dumpster, and he found the beloved Kiki just in the nick of time.

"We were afraid that since it was trash day, it was lost for good," said Neely.

Hayley's family had visited the church the previous Sunday and were happily reunited with the blankie after a hospital visit in Denver. Her mom said she "could give [Neely] 100 hugs," and "he has no idea what he's done for us."

I think he may have an inkling.

Do you enjoy hearing stories like this about the positive side of social media?


Image via KKTV 11 News/Facebook

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