Cop Saves Life of Erratic Driver Who Was Choking to Death on Candy (VIDEO)

Whether it's a cop shooting an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri or a cop choke holding a dad of six in Staten Island, New York, the news is full of cops who do terrible things. So it's nice to see a video of a cop doing what a cop is not only supposed to do, but does a lot of the time without anyone noticing -- saving a life. It all started when New York highway patrolman Officer Gregory Zakoscielny saw a car weaving in and out of traffic on a busy highway in the Bronx. Was the driver drunk? The car was putting others in danger. Then the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the parkway. That's when Officer Zakoscielny went over to investigate and discovered something unexpected ...


The officer's dashcam catches him as he slowly approaches the stopped vehicle. The driver side door bursts open and you can hear a woman gasping for air and trying to speak.

"What did you swallow?" he asks as the woman lurches out of the car. "Are you choking? Are you choking?"

"Yes, sir," the woman manages to blurt out.

The cop immediately gets down to business. He tells her to get out of the car, turn around, and place her hands on her chest. He then begins the Heimlich manuever. Within three thrusts the woman appears to have coughed up the candy that was stuck in her throat and she breathes a huge sigh of relief. Check out the heart-stoppingly dramatic scene:

I'm not going to lie -- I kept waiting for this to turn bad. When was he going to ignore her pleas for help and walk back to his car? When was he going to push her to the ground and handcuff her? When was something going to go horribly wrong and this man going to show terrible judgment?

It didn't happen. It didn't happen because there are plenty of cops out there who are well-trained, compassionate individuals. But there are also ones who aren't. There are cops who wield the power they have like sledgehammers-- without wisdom, without thought, without compassion.

But then there are cops like Officer Zakoscielny. And they don't get enough attention.

Let's give him some of the kind he deserves.


Image via ADL999/Flickr

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