Little Girl Throws Derek Jeter's Foul Ball Back to Him & Crowd Freaks Out (VIDEO)

baseball fieldEven non-baseball fans know Derek Jeter is retiring. People love the guy, and not just Yankee fans. So if you happen to find yourself at Yankee stadium during one of his final games, you are witnessing a part of history. And if you happen to catch one of Jeter's foul balls, you are holding a piece of historical gold. 

One father at the game did just that -- he caught Jeter's foul ball during the seventh inning of the Yankees versus Blue Jays game at Yankee stadium Friday night. He was there with his family. Everyone was so excited! Pictures were taken by Mom. He then gave the ball to his young daughter who looked to be about 5 years old. And then she threw the ball back onto the field. Oh, yes she did. Just watch!


The reactions are priceless. I can see how Dad couldn't resist his sweet little girl jumping up and down as she asked for the ball. So he did what any dad would do (maybe?) and hands her the precious ball. Who would have thought she had such a great arm! Did you see how she hurled it onto the field with no problem. I think she has a future in baseball. And she was so happy. But the open-mouth expressions of all around her had to make her feel strange. What's wrong, everyone. Look how great I just threw that ball!

Thankfully the ball gets return to dad who will most likely be keeping the ball away from his little right arm bandit for now. Good work, kiddo! You made the whole night even more memorable.

Would you ever pass your kid Derek Jeter's foul ball?


Image via Joel Dinda/Flickr

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