First iPhone 6 Dropped by Kid With Slippery Hands -- OOPS! (VIDEO)

iphone 6

The first official iPhone 6 sale in Australia went down in spectacular fashion. Literally!

A news anchor hanging out with the droves of folks who had slept overnight in line at an Apple store in Perth interviewed the first kid who walked out of the store with his spankin' new, hotly anticipated iPhone 6 (not the Plus, for the record!). He must've been a bit nervous opening the box and revealing the prized possession on camera, with all eyes on him, because all the wiggling of the box caused it to fly out and fall to the ground! No joke!

You just have to see this.



Oooops! Ha. Thankfully, the kid was able to laugh it off, and it looks like the iPhone 6 is going to be just fine! If it's not, then it's not nearly as durable as previous models, which we all know can take quite a bit of abuse -- even more if they're safely ensconced in a protective case.

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Still, this is no way to start a new "relationship" with your latest device! Sure, we all get a little too excited about our gadgets sometimes, but if there was ever a time to exercise UTMOST caution, the moment when you open the box of your brand-new iPhone is it!

That said, if this kid is as butter fingers as he seems, he may at least want to invest in the AppleCare protection plan. Yeesh!

Have you ever had a slip-up like this?


Image via Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty

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