Dad Shoots & Kills 'Intruder' Who Turned Out to Be His Daughter's Friend

RevolverA Pennsylvania man is dead after an apparent and heartbreaking case of mistaken identity. 32-year-old Marc Carrion was shot in the head in a Philadelphia apartment by the man who lived there, who found him "hiding" in his daughter's bedroom.

Carrion was rushed to the hospital, but he died of his injuries early Tuesday morning. The man who fired the shot, Charles Jordan, 41, reportedly believed he was protecting his 20-year-old daughter Brenda from an intruder.


So far, Jordan has been cooperative with law enforcement. He surrendered his gun license and has willingly submitted himself to police questioning about the incident. No charges have been filed thus far.

Investigators are trying to sort out the details of exactly what happened, but they believe that Jordan was under the impression that his daughter was in imminent danger when he found Carrion in her bedroom around 11:30 on Monday night.

A neighboring witness said they heard a single gunshot, followed by a woman screaming, "No, Daddy, no!" and then, "Why did you do that? He was my best friend."

One report said that Jordan found Carrion crouched in the corner of Brenda's room, and a struggle ensued, but no evidence either way has been released.

After the shooting took place, Jordan called 911, and later told responding officers that the victim had crawled through his daughter's window. However, it was quickly uncovered that there may have been a romantic link between Carrion and the daughter, and that she had invited him to her bedroom.

Carrion's friends said that the two had recently met, and that he had given her a ride home from her shift working at a nearby 7-11 store.

It's so unclear what happened here, and no one wants to get to the bottom of it more than Carrion's mom, Gloria Moyett. She questioned, "He's a stranger in your house, and you just shoot him in the head? He's with your daughter, she's not screaming, and you shoot him just because you don't know him? This doesn't add up to me."

Adding to the tragedy is the fact that Carrion leaves behind three young sons from a previous relationship.

It's hard to imagine that Jordan would submit himself so willingly to investigation if the shooting had been in cold blood, but it's also hard to understand why Carrion would've instigated a struggle with a gun pulled on him while he was unarmed. The only thing that we can be sure of at this point is that the whole situation is heartbreaking.

What would you do if you found an unexpedted visitor in your daughter's bedroom?


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