Pregnant Woman Chases Down Purse Thief Then Gives Birth

purse thiefThere are a lot of so-called crazy things women do when pregnant. Some ride bicycles, others ride motorcycles, and of course there is that whole wacky pregnancy craving thing -- pickles and pizza with a cherry on top? But one woman went and chased down a thief who stole her purse. Brave or completely nuts? I think she was just practical. She knows how awful it can be to wait in the DMV line to get a replacement driver's license. Plus, she's super pregnant -- no one wants that photo to be the one you have to live with until your ID expires. Because remember: It's just face, no baby belly for reference on why your nose is pregnant, too. 

The unnamed Flint, Michigan, mama-to-be had just finished grocery shopping and was loading the bags into her car when a robber snatched her purse. So she ran after him.


He was unarmed, so she wasn't completely out of her mind. She knew she had a chance of getting her purse back, maybe it was all those pregnancy hormones making her believe she had the strength of the Hulk. That and the DMV situation, along with all those credit cards she would have to get new numbers for and then change all her online payment information. Seriously, annoying.

Our pregnant superhero ends up catching up to him and guess what he does? Pushes her down. Way to go, guy. His name is Mark Newton by the way. He's 30 and clearly has no manners. Okay, you're a thief. But don't go pushing down pregnant women.

Bystanders were able to get the woman's purse back and then the woman's family who were with her in the parking lot attacked him. Take a look at his face in the mugshot! Now that's what the force of adrenaline looks like. The police arrived and he was sent to the slammer.

Baby couldn't handle being on the inside during all this excitement so she (or he?) made her big entrance just hours later. I guarantee you that kid is not named Mark. Mama went into labor and I bet it was due to the intensity of the situation. Everyone is said to be doing well ... except for Mark, Mr. Pregnant Lady Pusher Purse Thief.

Do you think she should have chased after the purse thief? What would you have done?

Image via Flint Police Department

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