NFL Players Read Mean Tweets & You Actually Feel Bad for Them (VIDEO)

nfl players mean tweets

Who cares if these tweets are real or not? Whenever celebrities read mean tweets, it's funny as hell. There's already been an NBA version, so now is the perfect time to have NFL players read mean tweets. The kickoff to the regular season was yesterday, don'tcha know.

Even if you're not into football, you'll still find this hilarious. Retired players, current players, even a sportscaster get in on the "fun." From Terrell Suggs looking like a, well ... to Erin Andrews getting the stupid knocked out of her to fans hoping that players lose a bunch of different body parts, this is two minutes of entertainment you'll definitely appreciate.

Considering how fans get SO into their team, Twitter is the perfect way for them to vent their frustrations when players make them angry. This does help help you realize that these guys are, in fact, human beings, but come on, it's still pretty funny nonetheless.


Check it out:

Pretty fantastic, right? Yes, apparently someone out there thinks Suggs looks like a penis.

I vote for an NHL version next. Or at least part two of this with Tim Tebow involved. As a Steelers fan, I would have loved to have seen Hines Ward, but then again, who could possibly say anything mean about him?!?!

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And, again, as a Steelers fan, that Ike Taylor tweet was f'in hysterical.

Applause all around. These athletes are clearly great sports to do this and have a healthy sense of humor about themselves. What better way to start the beginning of the 2014 season? Football is back!

Which mean tweet was your favorite?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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