Starbucks Customers Pay It Forward for 11 Hours In Best Display of Humanity

starbucksThere is bad news everywhere. Sad news. Horrifying news. You cannot escape it. The state of the world seems so terrible right now that it's enough to make you believe all the good is gone. But it's not. There is good out there and here is proof.

Yesterday, in St. Petersburg, Florida, one woman was at a Starbucks drive-through getting her morning cup when she decided to pay for the customer's drink in the car behind her. That alone makes me smile. It's a random act of kindness. A gesture, though small, that says a lot. When the customer found out his or her drink was paid for, that person decided to pay for the order of the next person in line as well. This went on and on and on and on for 11 hours. Did you just get the chills? I got the happiness chills!


This chain reaction of kindness lasted for 378 customers. Wow! And before you go hating on the 379th customer (because it's in our nature to be negative, sadly) please know that the costumer that ended the cycle only did so because she reportedly didn't understand the whole concept of paying it forward, insisted on paying for her own coffee, and inadvertently screwed the whole thing up. To be fair, it's possible this was her first cup coffee for the day and she wasn't thinking properly. I'm not at full brain capacity before my first cup.

I just want to say THANK YOU humanity! Thank you to all those who were a part of this. Thank you for some GOOD news to come out of Florida of all places! (Sorry, Florida, but um ....)

Starbucks says this is one for the record books, but it should be noted that last year a Connecticut Starbucks had a pay it forward for 1,468 customers -- it lasted several days. Let's beat it, people! I'm starting tomorrow.

My heart is full. I have some faith in humans again. Maybe this will inspire us all to do some random acts of kindness, a pay it forward. The world certainly needs some good vibes right now.

Have you ever been the happy recipient of a random act of kindness? Are you going to pay it forward?


Image via Starbucks/Instagram

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