Homeless Man Writes Touching Letter to Cop Who Changed His Life

There are people in certain professions that we only really hear about when they do something awful. Like teachers. When do we hear, "Today Mrs. Lawson kept her cool while 25 bratty kids acted up around her"? And then there are police officers. Whoo boy. Yes, we hear about them when one of them does something egregious, and unfortunately, there are many, many examples of that. And we should. But what about those cops who, well, do serve and protect? Above and beyond the call of duty? Thankfully, one deputy officer who did do something wonderful is now being recognized -- and it's all thanks to a former homeless man.


A Florida man who lost his home and his job and was living on the streets with his dog wrote a letter to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, thanking a deputy there for helping him turn his life around. His letter said:

Officer [Alex] Alphonso approached me and knew I was not a trouble maker. Just a guy down on his luck. I had to save to get a new place to stay to keep my dog of 13 + years ... He and I talked and I eventually got a place, home for my dog (my best friend) and I was then able to pursue work. He helped me change my life for the better to the tenth degree.

He doesn't say exactly what the officer did for him, but apparently it was through the officer that he was able to get a job at a Bed, Bath & Beyond, and find a home for him and his dog.

The officer in question is reportedly now on desk duty pending an investigation into an off-duty shooting, which seems to be what prompted the former homeless man to write the letter singing his praises.

I know he had a rough stretch! But I also know District 7 is no picnic. He is patient, cordial and professional.

I think it's great that we hear another side of police officers, many of whom are in fact good sorts who help people every day. Unfortunately, there are the bad ones too, as there are in any profession. But cops, who carry weapons and can help put people in prison, are held to a higher standard, as they should be.

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How nice of this former homeless man to give credit where credit is due and to remind us all that there are good ones out there, and they deserve some print space too.

Has an officer ever helped you?


Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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