Hilarious Dancing Cop Video Is an Instant Viral Hit (WATCH)

Dancing CopOne Kansas City cop made a serious bust over the weekend ... or at least he busted some serious moves! On August 10, Officer A. Smith challenged his partner, Officer J. Krebs, to a dance-off in the middle of the street with some neighborhood kids.

Krebs rose to the challenge, and his hilarious dance moves were captured on film and put on the Internet, where it went instantly viral because it's just that awesome.


Please enjoy such classic moves as John Travolta's finger-pointing circa Staying Alive and what appears to be some sort of Irish jig.

Krebs dished to ABC News on how the situation came about. "We went up to handle a call and I had been dancing in the car all day long," he said. "We were leaving and these kids started busting a move as we were driving by them. I turn the car around and my partner was like, 'If you have a dance-off with him, I'll give you some Jolly Ranchers.'"

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Who could pass up the chance to dance for Jolly Ranchers? Haters, that's who. Although no official winner was announced in the dance-off, Krebs feels like a star. "I feel like I won because I’m the one doing all the dancing," he said.

The YouTube clip has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times in less than 48 hours, leading the Kansas City Police Department to joke on its Facebook page, "Maybe we'll start including dancing as a course at the Academy, because it sure looks like we could use it."

Does this dancing cop video put a smile on your face?


Image via Kansas City Police/YouTube

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