Mom Manages to Fight Off Home Invaders While Holding Toddler (VIDEO)

These home invaders picked the wrong mom to mess with. Kayla Walker, 19, of Georgia, was reportedly home with her 10-month-old son when she heard a noise at her back door. She went to investigate and says she saw a man opening her back door. As he tried to get in, she immediately began pushing him back out. But then she says another man showed up, and the two of them pushed their way into the house, knocking Kayla to the ground. Little did they know how much they'd regret that.


Kayla says that as the intruders called her a "white bitch," she head-butted one, grabbed him by the testicles and the throat, and began choking him. She choked him until she thought he'd passed out. But apparently he didn't, and when she let go of his throat, he began to fight her again.

Big mistake.

At this point, Kayla says she was able to grab a hammer and knock the man on the head several times. She then ran into a room and grabbed her young son.

And she wasn't done yet -- she says she ran into another room and grabbed a gun and pointed it at the intruders. She claims one of them said, "This is my house. I'm here to stay," at which point she said, "Not at this residence." And then she pulled the gun's trigger.

However, the gun was empty. But the clicking noise was enough to make the intruders run. They left a trail of blood behind them.

Kayla was left with scratches and bruises, but no severe injuries.

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Wow. This is pretty incredible. Kayla doesn't say whether she ever took self-defense courses, but she really seems like she knows how to handle herself. Note here that it wasn't the gun that saved her, as it was empty. It was her own strength and determination.

Women would do well to take self-defense, boxing, kick-boxing, karate, etc.

And it is a good thing the men weren't armed. Kayla told WALB:

[Women] just need to know -- don't give up, fight back to the fullest no matter what.

And definitely don't mess with mama bear!, Albany News, Weather, Sports

Have you ever fought off an attacker?


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