Family of Runaway Toddler Floored by Police Reaction (WATCH)

travis pierceI cannot get over how great this story is. We hear tales all the time of police brutality and of families being torn apart -- it's become common. What we don't hear so much these days are the stories of the good cops out there who go WAY above and beyond the call of duty in the name of doing what's right. That's what one awesome police officer in Kansas did for one family, and it's kind of too great to be believed.

Lt. Travis Pierce responded to a terrifying call. A toddler had escaped from his home and was running down the busy highway. Pierce scooped up the tyke not long before his TOTALLY FRANTIC (and who can blame her?) mother showed up. The woman was in total hysterics -- her kid is a known escape artist. The cop could have called child protective services or given her a stern lecture -- but he did something that wasn't just nicer, but something that was actually HELPFUL. 


After calming down the poor mom, he helped the family buy a new set of locks and then he even went so far as to install them! I know the cliched old saying is "all in a day's work," but installing locks at a family's house probably wasn't how Pierce thought he'd be spending a portion of his day. But I bet it meant the world to this family, I mean, heck, it meant the world to me and I do not know this family from Adam. 

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It wasn't just his actions that showed what a decent guy Pierce is -- it was the thoughts behind them. As a father himself, he knows exactly how much trouble kids can get into. He also knows how overwhelming being a parent can be. His sympathy toward the mom in this situation gave him the perfect amount of insight, and he used that insight to fix the problem rather than creating a bigger one by snatching away this poor woman's kid for no reason. 

Have you ever had to call the police for an embarrassing reason? Once my brother handcuffed himself accidentally to his bedroom door -- that was fun. 


Image via KWCH News

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