Man Arrested for Killing the Wife Who Helped Him After He Killed First Wife

There are some red flags you shouldn't ignore. Rebecca Degrafreed married her teenage sweetheart, Tony Degrafreed, who spent 12 years in prison for killing his first wife. Police now say he killed Rebecca too. Rebecca was always there for Tony -- reportedly putting her name on his parole papers, picking him up from prison the day he was released, setting up a home for him, and "picking him back up" after he'd done his time. But none of this stopped Tony from allegedly killing Rebecca and stabbing her teenage son too.


Rebecca, as well as her family, knew about Tony's history. Rebecca was always the caring type -- her brother says she was the "foundation" of her family, she took care of her mother and drove her to church, and she worked at a hospital. Her heartbroken son told WTHR:

My mother gave him a place to stay, she put clothes on his back. She found a way to get him a job, make sure he could try to provide.

But one Sunday morning the family heard strange thumping noises coming from Tony and Rebecca's bedroom. Her son, Jordan, began banging on the door to see what was going on, since Tony had seizures sometimes. At that point, Jordan says the door swung open and Tony came out and stabbed him. Inside the bedroom, his mother was beaten and stabbed to death.

Tony has been charged with murder.

In 1994, he was convicted in the shooting death of his first wife, Stacey. He served 12 years in prison -- despite being sentenced to 30 years. (Today, his time served would have been much longer.)

Despite his past, Rebecca loved him and married him and, presumably, thought it couldn't happen to her.

Unfortunately, this is a very female way of thinking. So many women seem to love to rehabilitate a man. But people do not shake off who they are very easily. A murderous past is not one that any woman should take lightly. Rebecca probably never imagined it could happen to her too.

Jordan told WTHR: "I really didn't want my mom to marry him."

Love does not always conquer all. In fact, many times it only conquers your ability to think rationally.

Would you marry someone previously convicted of murder? 

Image via Indianapolis Metro Police

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