3-Year-Old Boy Saves Elderly Man From Certain Death in Hot Car (VIDEO)

This story will warm the cockles of your heart. Actually, it will swelter the cockles. Because that's exactly what was happening to 68-year-old Bob King, who found himself locked inside of his own car and unable to get out. (That can happen?!) King was waiting for his wife to return from a church event when the car's doors automatically locked. (That can happen?!) As the Tennessee heat soared and the temps in the car reached 120 degrees, cancer survivor King found himself more desperate to make an escape. He became too weak to open the car door, which had given them trouble in the past. That's when a savior -- a wee, small, cute savior -- arrived in the form of 3-year-old Keith Williams.


King said he "hollered" at the tyke, who looked at him "funny" as King mouthed, "Get help! Get help!"

Reportedly, the toddler tried to open the car door himself but wasn't strong enough. So he ran over to the church's pastor, repeatedly grabbed his hand, and told him, "Locked, locked, locked!"

The pastor looked over, saw King looking worse for wear in his car, and knew something was wrong. The pastor was able to get the car open after a few tries, but King was already in bad shape and fell out of the car, almost hitting his head on the pavement.

Keith's mom, who had just educated him on the dangers of hot cars, told ABC News: "I am very impressed and I’m proud that he would know what to do."

Keith, for his part, was pretty proud too. He walked around the event saying, "I saved life," after it was all over and King was safe and hydrated. Aww, smart little boy.

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Image via ABC News

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