Good Samaritans Leap to Mom's Rescue After Man Tries to Carjack Her (WATCH)

Be careful where you carjack. Good Samaritans leaped in to save the day when an alleged carjacker hopped behind the wheel of a car containing a mom and her daughter. Hearing screams coming from the car, a group of bystanders rushed to the woman's rescue, got into the vehicle, and began wrestling with the man until they dragged him out of the car.


One witness caught the scene on camera. Aaron Leaf told KGTV:

I see this guy in the backseat choking out the driver and there were a couple of other people in the window grabbing the keys from him. I was trying to figure out what was happening and once I realized, I didn't feel sorry for the guy at all.

As the child cried in the backseat, the bystanders grabbed the alleged carjacker, brought him to the ground, and administered some street justice. Even after the guy was bloody and curled into a ball, they continued wailing on him, with one person smacking him upside the head.

Oddly, the suspect, 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez, sat on the ground handcuffed after police arrived and actually bragged about this not being his "first time" committing such a crime. Bad thing to admit on camera, buddy.

In a world where we too often hear about bystanders not doing anything when a fellow human being is in trouble, it's nice to see the opposite happening. Though maybe they didn't have to go so far with their blows, to the point where the guy was bloody. It's hard to feel sorry for him -- much worse could have happened to the mom and daughter in the car.

Hernandez' brother says that Ismael was just released from rehab a few months ago and may have relapsed. This is definitely not the way to a better life. Hopefully those Good Samaritans pounded some sense into him.

What would you have done?

Image via KGTV

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