Teen Accused of Killing His Grandmother in Her Nudist Community Home

An 18-year-old boy has been arrested for allegedly murdering his own grandmother inside of her nudist community home and then doing something that is beyond absurd: driving around with her body for five hours.

A silver alert was issued on Monday morning for Sylvia Rosalie Schmitt, who was 74 and had disappeared from her home at the Paradise Lakes Condominium Association nudist community in Florida. Everyone was in shock when her body was discovered in a car owned by a person who should have been looking out for her and protecting her -- her grandson, Brandon Machetto.


Witnesses in the community reportedly spotted Machetto dragging a "large, wrapped object with feet" thorugh the residential area. The teen reportedly put his grandmother's dead naked body in his minivan and then drove around with her for five hours while police searched for Schmitt.

At one point, a deputy tried to pull Machetto over, but he fled the scene and actually drove back to the nudist community, where he was finally apprehended. When police questioned him, the teen claimed he was returning to Paradise Lakes to turn himself in.

The boy's friends say he was living with his grandmother at the time and that the two often fought, sometimes over Machetto's refusal to take the medication he needed to deal with the effects of a brain injury he suffered years ago. But there's a huge difference between disagreeing with a family member and butting heads with her and what police say they found at the scene of the crime. Schmitt's floor and bedsheets were reportedly stained with blood. Her injuries indicate that her grandson struck her on the back of the head with a blunt weapon, cops say.

And one incredibly sad detail of this story makes us question whether this horrible death was one that could have been avoided. Two years ago, Machetto was accused of domestic violence against his grandmother, but she allegedly dropped the charges.

The teen faces first-degree murder charges. He is being held without bail.

What consequence do you feel this teen should face for his crime?


Image via Pasco County Sheriff's Office

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