Marine Receives Medal of Honor for Risking His Life for a Friend

Retired Marine Lance Cpl. William "Kyle" Carpenter is about to become the third Marine in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars -- and the eighth living -- to receive the Medal of Honor. The award, which is the most prestigious one granted to military members for their exemplary bravery, is one Carpenter truly deserves. While stationed in Afghanistan, the 24-year-old Mississippi native threw himself on top of a live grenade in order to protect his best friend and comrade, Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio. But, if you ask him, he doesn't believe he did anything special.


Carpenter and Eufrazio were serving as machine gunners and were positioned on a rooftop during a fight with Taliban insurgents when an enemy's grenade landed near them. Carpenter rushed toward the grenade and threw his body over it in order to protect his friend. Both men were injured, but as a result of Carpenter's bravery, he lost his right eye and suffered from a skull fracture and punctured lung. Doctors didn't believe he would make it out of the hospital alive.

After 40 surgeries, Carpenter is well enough to appear at the White House this week, where President Obama will give him the prestigious award.

What's truly amazing about this man -- I mean, despite the fact that he risked his life to save someone else's -- is that he doesn't believe he is any braver than anyone else. He called the Marines a "band of brothers" and insisted that he isn't patting himself on the back for his actions: "I know that if you put a thousand Marines in that situation, they would all do the same exact thing for me," he said.

At a time when so many people idolize celebs who think they are the greatest gift to the planet (cough, cough, Kanye West), it's important to remember that true heroes like Carpenter practice humility, no matter how great their actions.

Carpenter deserves all of the recognition he is getting, and we congratulate him on receiving this amazing honor.

What do you think we can do to show men like Carpenter our gratitude and thanks?


Image via William Kyle Carpenter/Twitter

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