10-Year-Old Girl Saves Dad's Life With Quick-Thinking Facebook Post (VIDEO)

A 10-year-old girl is being hailed as a hero after she saved her father's life by posting a video on Facebook. Brianna Vance and her dad, Gregory, were riding out a storm in their West Virginia home when a huge tree came crashing down on their front porch -- cutting out their phone line and crushing Gregory. Most adults would have panicked and not known what to do -- but being a child of social media, Brianna knew exactly what to do. Get on Facebook.


Brianna got on her computer and recorded a video of herself crying and begging:

The lightning crashed and hit a tree by our porch and my dad’s almost dead. He needs an ambulance please. Please call one for us if you have a signal. We live in a yellow house, a trailer. Please. We need an ambulance. Please. Please.

She then uploaded it to her Facebook wall. Luckily, the home still had Wi-Fi despite cellphone signals being out. Brianna's dad wasn't the only one pinned under a tree -- two friends who had been sitting on the porch with him were also in trouble.

In fact, Brianna had been standing just where the tree came down only moments before. If she had been pinned too, all four of them might be dead.

Luckily, however, Brianna's post got attention, and someone called emergency personnel, who showed up soon after the tree went down.

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Brianna's father, despite suffering several broken bones, was home for Father's Day. The other men have been released from hospital too.

Facebook might be a megaphone for all of society's ills, but it can also occasionally be a lifesaver. This is one of those times.

Has social media ever helped you?

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