3 Sisters & 1 Brother All Get Married on Same Day in 1 Big Ceremony

Most brides want to be the center of attention on their wedding days, and there's nothing wrong with that, so long as you don't turn into a giant Bridezilla or something and make the entire experience less pleasant than a root canal. But even the sweetest brides usually don't want to share their big days.

That is definitely not the case for the Fortney family, who married not just one of their kids on Saturday, or even two or three ... they married three daughters and one son in one day, and celebrated with a single reception for all eight newlyweds.


The St. George, Utah, family decided that they'd rather celebrate the marriages of four of their six children together than in four individual ceremonies.

One of the newlyweds, Grace Fortney Weaver, said, "With most families, this would not work ... Thankfully I have wonderful, wonderful sisters and a wonderful brother."

But even with wonderful siblings, how on earth did they manage to compromise on so many wedding details -- things brides tend to daydream about from childhood?

They said that they "let each other pick the things that really mattered to them" and that "in the end, everyone just wanted to make each other happy."

The Fortney parents are pleased as punch, no doubt because they didn't have to deal with the expenses involved for weddings for three separate daughters and a son. But they also said they're proud of their children for caring more about one another than a party.

"There are few things that can compare to the fullness of joy that you feel when your children are happy," father Kevin Fortney said.

At first it might seems like a bizarre idea to share a wedding with your three siblings, but there's something to be said for a super strong community and support network for any marriage. With family ties this tight, I bet these couples are going to have plenty of loved ones to turn to for help when times get tough. And that's a dream come true for any marriage.

Would you ever consider sharing your wedding day with another couple?


Image via KSL

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