Family Is 'Thankful' to Robber Who Beat & Pistol Whipped Their Dad

A father of three was tied up, brutally beaten, and pistol-whipped during a robbery at the convenience store where he worked. Turns out, it was the best thing that could have happened to him. Jeremy Willey, who worked at a Circle K store in Phoenix, Arizona, was shocked when a masked robber walked into his store. The suspect ended up beating and pistol-whipping Willey and his coworker as he terrified them with his gun. After the thug left, Willey was taken to the hospital to get stitches in his head. It's a very good thing he was.


While at the hospital, doctors performed X-rays of Willey's skull and realized he was growing an enormous tumor in his brain. Willey had had no symptoms. So scary!

Fortunately, the tumor is benign; however, brain surgery is always risky. So far, Willey has had one surgery, but he will need two more because the tumor was so large.

It turns out that pistol-whipping saved his life. His wife, Alisha, told AZFamily:

They said that had this not been found and soon around the time that it was found that he probably just would have gone to sleep one night and not been able to wake up. While we're in the thick of what's going on right now, it's hard to be thankful to somebody who was so violent and who was very ready to do anything for the money that he got, I'm just very blessed that my husband is still alive and that it wasn't over that morning.

Of course, it would have been preferable that Willey found the tumor in a better way, but people who aren't feeling sick generally don't request brain scans. Even if he did, he wouldn't have gotten one. So he actually needed to be injured in the head in order for the tumor to be found.

Poor Willey, what a week that man is having. Just awful. His family has set up a fund for his medical expenses since he now can't work.

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However, doctors expect he will recover from his surgeries. Hopefully everything works out for this man, whose "good" fortune came at such a terrible price.

Have you ever had something good come out of something horrible?


Image via Jeremy's Surgery/GoFundMe

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