Woman Saved From Armed Robbers By Her Video Game

A video game may have saved Nikki Elise's life. The gamer from Tempe, Arizona, was online playing Dota 2 when gun-toting thugs burst into her home. She was using a webcam to communicate with other players, and little did the thieves know, they were robbing her in front of several viewers from around the world.


It was around 4 a.m. when Elise and her boyfriend heard a loud noise. Two men kicked in the door and pointed their guns at them looking for drugs, money, and guns. The couple handed over the weapons that they owned (they didn't have any drugs or cash) and went face down on the floor while their home was ransacked for other valuables. The thieves even wanted to take the couple to the bank to empty out their account while they held them hostage. When her fellow gamers realized Elise was in trouble, they alerted the police. The first call came all the way from Europe. Cops were able to catch one suspect, but the other got away.

"I don't know where I would be if I wasn't doing what I was doing to have you come to our aid when the people who lived much closer were not able to do the same," she said in a statement on Facebook.

It really is miraculous when you think about it. People around the world were able to help and potentially save her. I shudder to think what may have happened if police had not arrived.

This is a very important lesson to those of us who criticize adult gamers. I have heard people grouse about how immature they are or complain that they play video games instead of getting jobs or doing something constructive with their time. But if Elise wasn’t playing, God only knows what would have happened to her. In fact, it’s much more of a community than we give it credit for. They all wanted to help her and they did. It's truly amazing.

Are you surprised by what these gamers did?

Image via Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

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