Airline Agent Spontaneously Serenades Vets Boarding Plane (VIDEO)

American FlagWe hear way too many stories of people being violated, or at least mistreated, by the TSA and other airport officials, so it's always nice when some good news comes along and makes us smile.

Like this story of a group of WWII vets at DTW, who were serenaded with a lovely rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by agent Anna Marie Barile. Twelve vets were waiting to board a flight to Paris, and Anna's colleagues encouraged her to use the PA system to send off these heroes with a proper tribute. At least one of the vets was heading on to Omaha Beach to recognize the 70th anniversary of D-Day.


Fellow traveler Alyssa Vermeulen, who was traveling to Europe for her honeymoon, was flummoxed at first when she saw the large gathering as she came back from using the ladies' room.

"I was worried that something had happened, but when I asked my husband, he said that we had several WWII veterans on the plane," she said. "Shortly after, the flag appeared out of the gate and everyone stood for the national anthem."

Vermeulen was particularly touched, as several members of her family have served in the military, including her grandfather, who served as a Marine in WWII. She got the national anthem on video and posted it to YouTube.

She said the warm fuzzies didn't end when they boarded their flight. "The respect continued on the plane," Vermeulen said, when "everyone stopped to thank these men for [their] service." The pilot even thanked them all by name and announced to the cabin when they flew over Normandy."

They weren't done singing either. "One of the veterans also celebrated his 95th birthday on the plane and everyone sang to him before we deplaned," she said.

"It truly was beautiful," she said, "and it made the long plane ride that would usually be filled with complaints of small bathrooms and uncomfortable seats take on a whole new meaning of gratitude for what we are so lucky to have."

Would you be touched if this happened on your flight?


Image via fifty four photo/Flickr

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