Brave 6-Year-Old Boy Saves Neighbor Girl From Alleged Kidnapping Attempt

A little girl is safe at home today, thanks to the heroic actions of a 6-year-old neighbor boy. 10-year-old Marcy Edwards was playing outside her Chicago home last week, when an unknown male stranger attempted to forcibly abduct her.

Rather than running away himself, Kaylen Woodard attacked the would-be kidnapper, viciously kicking his little feet into the man's legs until Marcy was able to wriggle away and go get help.


Marcy's mom had been inside the house while her daughter played not 20 feet from the front door. As she got up to check through the window, she was horrified to see her terrified daughter running toward the house.

Tracey Edwards said, "She was running with the scooter in her hand. She came in the house and she was panting. And she was explaining that a man had grabbed her." She ran outside to try to catch a glimpse of the man, but he had already driven away.

Upon finding out what had happened in the street in front of her house, Tracey is called Kaylen her "little hero."

The little man proudly told ABC7 all about the incident. "He tried to hold her mouth," he said. "The only way she got away is because I kicked him in the back of the leg and the outside of his leg."

Tracey will always be thankful for Kaylen for saving her daughter from only God knows what. "We were blessed that he was there," she said gratefully.

Kaylen's own mom, Diana Blakely was equally impressed by her son, and I'm sure also equally grateful that the kidnapper didn't grab him instead, or even both of them. She said, "I'm very proud of him ... I can't stop talking about it because I'm just in a state of shock, still. Him being so young, and he did that for a friend. That's amazing."

Unfortunately the perpetrator hasn't been caught,but police are on the lookout for a young white or Hispanic male aged 18-20 with short black hair and a light complexion, who was driving a white convertible with red seats.

What an awesome story of courage! No one would have blamed Kaylen one bit if he run away, or even stood there in shock. I think a lot of adults might have been too stunned to move, but this little boy spurred to action, and quite possibly saved his friend's life. That's a pretty impressive accomplishment to have under your belt at only six years old.

How grateful would you be if your child was saved from an abductor?

Image via susan catherine/Flickr

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