Firefighters Called Away From Grocery Shopping Got an Incredible Surprise

FirefightersOver Memorial Day weekend, a group of on-duty firemen were shopping at Costco for some barbecue fixings in Vacaville, California, when they got an emergency call. The group had to leave their cart in the store pronto, and race off to respond to the call.

About half an hour later, they returned to purchase their wares, but were surprised to find their groceries already purchased! The firefighters, who were wearing camouflage-patterned shirts with an American flag in honor of the holiday, obviously touched the heart of one observer.


One "Airforce Wife" paid for $125.25 worth of tri-tip steak, brats, corn, watermelon, and other vittles, and left nothing but a short and simple note reading, "Firefighters: Thanks for being there for us. Have a good weekend. :-)"

The Vacaville Firefighters Association put the following note, along with a picture of the receipt on their Facebook wall:

"While one of our crews was shopping at Costco, wearing our camouflage shirts to honor the military, they received a 911 call and had to leave their cart of food and run out to the engine. After returning to the store to pay, a military wife paid for the entire cart and left this note. Whoever did this, we are forever grateful and your kind gesture will not be forgotten."

Battalion Chief Jeff Ryder said they were "hoping that that person would come by and let us thank them for it," but this everyday hero has remained mum. These guys have to pay for their own meals even while on duty, so they could've just accepted the gift kindly, but they had to go the extra mile to completely restore faith in humanity by paying it forward.

Ryder said they used some of the money to buy an elderly couple flowers. He said, "Later that day, the crew was at Lucky’s. There was an older couple behind them buying flowers appeared to be for Memorial Day, and the crew took some of that money and bought the flowers for them."

Did they go rescue kittens after that, or read to blind children or something?

No, they were busy cooking dinner for a WWII vet on Tuesday, and hosting a previously planned fund-raising dinner on Wednesday, with half the proceeds to go to Travis Air Force Base’s Fisher House.

Does this story encourage you to bestow a random act of kindness?


Images via Vacaville Firefighters Association/Facebook


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