Man Who Saved Abandoned Newborn Surprises Her at Her Graduation

Skylar James got an unexpected surprise at her recent high school graduation. The Charleston teen was finally reunited with the fireman who saved her life as a newborn baby abandoned by her bio mom! Over 18 years ago, Charlie Hefin followed a hunch and probably saved the little girl's life.

She was adopted days later by her parents, but they've never been able to track down the kind stranger who saved their daughter. They had his name from newspaper clippings of the ordeal, and just recently they found him through Facebook.


Charlie hadn't seen her since the day he rescued her from a cemetery, but he still remembers it like it was yesterday. In November 1995, 911 dispatchers got an anonymous call that a baby had been left under a tree at Mt. Hope cemetery; however, rescuers were unable to find her.

Charlie had overheard the call on a police scanner and, on a hunch, decided to check out another local cemetery. He says he didn't find her at first but eventually did, buried in leaves and covered in blood with her umbilical cord still attached.

"I heard a little whimper when I got close to the tree," he said. "I dug down inside this real huge pine tree and found her ... I handed her off to the paramedics and I didn't see her since."

Bonnie and Greg James adopted little Skylar within days but didn't start searching for Skylar's savior until around 2000. It was only three weeks before her graduation this May when Bonnie finally tracked him down and invited him to attend as a surprise.

So how did the teenager react to meeting the man who saved her life almost two decades ago? She said it was an "amazing" dream come true! "I was totally shocked," Skyler said. "It's something that I've dreamed of since I was a little kid."

And because we can't love firefighters who rescue abandoned babies and show up their high school graduations 18 years later enough, Charlie gave Skylar the jacket he was wearing the night he found her. And all of our hearts melted into little puddles.

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