Bus Driver Restores Faith in Humanity When He Stops Bus for Crying Child

bus driver stops for crying girlWith all the bad news in the world, we start to lose faith in humanity. The kindness that is somewhere within all of us has died -- we can all head home with our heads down and hide under the covers. But then we hear stories of people helping people. True tales of strangers doing nice things for others, and we have hope. Humanity is alive! And we will cherish the good stories because a bad one is soon to come and rattle our faith. Today's incredible deed involves a bus driver and a 10-year-old girl.

Andre Grandin was driving a public bus along his route in Sweden when he saw a little girl crying on the side of the road. Something inside him told him to stop to see if he could help this child, so he did.


These are the kinds of people we need more of in this world. People with compassion. People who care about other people. People who do things, go out of their way for others.

Grandin was working, remember -- driving his bus along his route with passengers heading to wherever it is they needed to go. But he put all that aside for a moment when he saw this kid crying. Something could be very wrong -- and he was going to take the time to find out if he could help. As it turned out, 10-year-old Emilia Behrendtz was upset because of a conflict she had with some other children. Grandin comforted her, and realizing it wasn't serious, he got back into his bus and drove without saying a word to the passengers.

One of those on the bus, Emma Gustafsson, captured the moment on her cellphone camera and shared it to Twitter. People are calling him a hero. I love this story. I love the fact that this person decided to do something for someone who seemed to need some help. He stopped what he was doing -- his job -- and did it. Because human life is more important than getting everyone to their job on time. This, I believe. Though people complain all the time, especially in major cities, when a subway or bus is delayed due to a sick passenger. That passenger doesn't want to be sick -- they want to be on their way to work just like everyone else. But something happened -- life, maybe something serious to derail that life -- and we all need to slow it down and respect that. We all need to concern ourselves more with what matters -- kindness, care, concern, humanity -- than whatever happens on our daily grind.

I hope this story makes you smile. Makes us all see that there is kindness out there -- that people do care about other people and that strangers are willing to help strangers. That is why I believe Grandin is a hero. When the press tracked him down and asked him what he was thinking, he said that it's just "in his nature to help when he sees someone crying or in pain." It's in all our nature if we allow it. He doesn't see what the fuss is all about -- he feels it's our duty to help others, especially in this case when a child was on the ground crying and alone. Maybe this will inspire us all.

What do you think of this story? Does it restore your faith in humanity? Would you do the same?


Image via Emma Gustafsson/Twitter

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