Car Thieves Find Baby in Backseat & Then Do Something Shocking (VIDEO)


Who says there is no honor among thieves these days? Police say two Florida teens stole a car not knowing there was a baby in the backseat. What followed could have been a frantic Amber alert for the now missing child and hours of fear for the parents. But these crooks had a heart and returned the child, and their "good deed" was caught on tape.


They found the unattended car in a church parking lot on Sunday afternoon. There is no doubt they were psyched about the ease of the car theft -- that is until they noticed the 10-month-old girl nestled in the back. Talk about a crook's buzz kill.

There are so many low-lives who may have kept speeding away with the child or perhaps abandoned her where she may not have been found right away. But these guys had a heart. They stopped the car to leave her on the doorstep of a nearby home.

Though he was surely anxious about getting caught, it's nice to see that he gingerly carries the car seat and gently sets her down. Cops found the vehicle five hours later in another parking lot. Of course that doesn't negate the fact that they are still criminals who think they have the right to swipe other people's property. If and when these teens are caught, they should be penalized.

If arrested do you think the teens should get leniency since they left the child in a safe place?


Image via Hamed Saber/Flickr

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