Dad Who Can't Afford Car Registration Gets Amazing Response From Officer (VIDEO)

I love this story. A police officer in Plano, Texas, pulled over Hayden Carlo because he was driving with an expired registration. The man explained to the officer that there was a simple reason why, it was because he just couldn't afford to renew it. "It was either feed my kids or get this registration done," the father of two said. Now, what the police officer did next totally brought Carol to tears.


The officer handed the man a citation, but inside wasn't a fine, it was a hundred dollar bill. It was enough to pay for the registration on not just his car but his wife's as well.

The police officer did not do this as some kind of publicity stunt or to get attention, in fact the officer has requested that his identity remain anonymous. This was such a lovely random act of kindness coming from someone most would not expect.

So, here is an idea. Police officers often get a bad rap since they do the arresting and ticketing. Perhaps there should be an incentive for cops to do random nice things for the community, when they are not busy fighting crime that is.

Have you ever witnessed a police officer's act of kindness?

Image via ThisBlewMyMind/YouTube

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