Homeless Man Gets New Home Thanks to Internet, Restoring Faith in Humanity (VIDEO)

homeless man gets a house

Do you remember this story of YouTube star Magic of Rahat "punking" a homeless man into thinking he won the lottery? The man ended up winning $1,000 and it was one of the most moving videos ever and there were just so many onions around, it was really hard to function. Well, Rahat Hossain has struck again. In an equally memorable, amazing, awesome way.

Apparently, ever since that video went viral, people have been donating and reaching out. "I got his backstory, and I wanted to hear why he became homeless in the first place," Hossain told Yahoo. "A lot of people vouched for this guy. They said he's an honest guy. He doesn't spend [money] on drugs and alcohol."

The homeless man, Eric, gets the surprise of his life in Hossain's latest video. Of course, the title of the video, "Homeless Man Gets a Home," gives it away, but to see the progression of events and Eric's reaction will seriously make you burst into tears at your desk. Trust me.


Here is the fantastic video:

All the feels, am I right?! Wow.

Hossain explains that he received $44,000 in donations (wow, sometimes people and the Internet rock). He pays for a motel room for Eric and then pops by for a visit.

He goes on to say that he realized what it meant for a homeless man like Eric to have all this money. "I wanted to get him off the street. I didn't want to put him in an unsafe position. I didn't want him to go out to the same spot with people knowing he had $1,000 on him. I said, 'I'm going to get you this hotel room, but what you need to do for me is find a job.'"

Eric tells Hossain the wonderful news that he got a job. When Hossain says they should celebrate but he needs to get something from his house first, Hossain brings Eric to fully furnished digs -- and gives the house to Eric.

"I have got to be honest with you, this isn’t really my house," Hossain admits in the video. "This is your house."

"You got to be kidding me right?" Eric yells in shock. "Oh my God! Are you serious?"

Indescribable, right? "Everybody that helped me out, I thank you from the bottom of my heart," Eric says to the camera while we are all bawling. "I thank you for sticking with me, and I thank you for believing in me."

Just one of those moments that makes you feel all warm and runny inside and hopeful for humanity. Best of luck to Eric -- it seems he will be able to turn his life around now -- and props to Hossain for doing this and filming it so we can all celebrate in Eric's success.

Is this one of the most heartwarming videos you've ever seen?


Image via MagicofRahat/YouTube

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