Boy Uses Money Saved for PS4 to Save Hundreds of Lives Instead

playstationI don't know about the kids in your life, but the ones that I know are ALL about themselves. It's not that they are all selfish and egocentric, but most children, as they figure out how to fit into the world, start with their outlook firmly placed in the arena of "me, me, me." That is why I love this story about one very giving, generous, and thoughtful boy SO DAMN MUCH!


Nine-year-old Hector Montoya had been saving up his money to buy something many a kid earns for -- a new gaming system. The Texas student saved up to purchase a PS4 but was so touched by a tragedy in his community that he decided to forgo playing games and opted to save lives instead. "I was going to buy a PlayStation but I decided saving a life was more important 'cause one life lost is too many,” Hector stated.

The boy was inspired after a mother and her child died in a fire in his Grand Prairie neighborhood. He joined up with the Grand Prairie Fire Department and they installed 100 smoke detectors for those who needed them.

After his good deed, he was going to start saving money again for his PS4, but a man and his sister were so impressed by Hector's generosity that they bought him the gaming system as a reward. This just proves that good things happen to good people and that karma can certainly be real.

I hope that Hector's story reaches other children who are inspired by his generosity and selflessness. If all our kids did one random act of kindness, the world would be a far better place. And maybe they'd inspire us adults to do the same!

Has your child ever been inspired to do good deeds for others?

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