Soldier Saves Woman on His Way to Ceremony Honoring Him as War Hero

American FlagThere are certain types of people in the world that restore everyone else's faith in humanity. You know, the kind that are always willing to lend a hand, to jump into action, and are just genuinely decent human beings.

One of them is Sgt. James Yates, an Army reservist, who rescued a neighbor pinned under her SUV last weekend before heading off to be honored at an Iowa Barnstormers football game.


Last Saturday, Yates was getting ready to head to the game when he heard a knock on his door. It was the 11-year-old son of a neighbor three doors down, who was frantically looking for help for his mom, who was trapped under her Chevy Blazer after the jack had given out.

When Courtney Pearson was changing a tire, the jack holding up her car gave out. Her kids were outside with her when it happened, so she called to them for help. "I had my kids out playing, and as soon as the car fell, they heard me scream. I said, 'Go find a neighbor, go find a neighbor -- somebody, anybody,'" she said.

Yates, who has already received a Purple Heart for his services in Iraq and Afghanistan, wasted no time in coming to Pearson's rescue. He was able to get her out from under the SUV before heading off to the game where he was honored along with two other soldiers.

It coudn't have been easy -- the reason Yates was given the Purple Heart was because of damage to his spinal cord after his vehicle was struck by an IED. He still needs to take daily meds to manage the pain, so it's even more heroic that he didn't think twice before helping Pearson.

She didn't even get a chance to properly show her appreciation. "He's an amazing person," she said. "I just wish I could thank him." Miraculously, she only suffered bruising to her back and chest.

Good job, Sgt. Yates! Faith in humanity officially restored!

Has anyone ever come to your rescue?


Image via Sun Brockie/Flickr

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